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Smart World Legal Translation is one of the leading legal translation companies in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We take pride in our experience, professionalism, and the technology we have developed to optimise and produce accurate and relatable translations.

Smart World Legal Translation

Our Translation Services

We carry a suite of services and cater to individual and commercial clients in various languages.


A wide range of translation services ranging from document translation and subtitling, to simultaneous interpretation.


A Wide network of highly specialized editors who have amassed a long-standing experience in giving your message the local dimensions that make it sound and feel authentic to the target audience.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Therefore, we are keen on helping the client reach their desired destination through highly effective communication and sharing our deep insights about the cultural and social contexts in which the message will be disseminated.

Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation

Smart Translation services expands to the highly challenging field of simultaneous interpretation. This field has been, indisputably, dubbed the toughest specialization in the world of translation.

Certified Training Courses for Translators

Smart Translation can take you to the next step in your career as a translator, editor or interpreter.


Smart Translation has its own brand of simultaneous interpretation equipment that ensures both high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Smart World Legal Translation

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Smart World Legal Translation

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